Attorney Forwarding Network was established to assist the credit and collection industry in the selection of competent and reliable out-of-town counsel for debt collection.

While the focus of our directory is collection law firms, the firms listed on this web site are capable of handling other legal matters. AFN or our attorneys can provide you with a complete profile of their particular practice.

Circulated to the legal and collection departments of 10,000 national companies and corporations, the AFN Directory is published annually at mid year. Great efforts have been made to provide you with the most current and correct information available.

Dedicated to becoming an integral part of your collection effort, the AFN staff is prepared to assist you in any area, including locating counsel in vacant counties or customizing your own network of collection specialists.

Always notify both AFN and the selected attorney by using the referral notices. This will solidify the relationship between our office, the receiving attorney, and you, the forwarder. Referral notices expedite the forwarding process, keep you current on our mailing list, and simplify potential service issues.

AFN is committed to prompt and professional attention to your questions, suggestions or service issues.